DAYS Guide For New Viewers

DAYS Guide For New Viewers

DAYS' Basics: What you need to know to be a normal DAYS watcher.

1. Salem Weddings: a)Whether the groom is married to the wrong woman or vice versa. b) The ceremony is stopped because of some tramatic event.

2. Eileen Davidson portrays 3 roles: Kristen Blake, Susan Banks, and Sister Mary Moira.

3. Don't be surprise when you see abnormalities, like when Bo departed his soul from his body to fight the dead.

4. Stefano has more lives than a cat. Don't expect him to die so easily.

5. Everyone loves Alice's doughnuts. She always serves he guests that anyways.

6. Salemites always serve their guests tea.

7. Everyone carries a cell phone, but when desparately needing it, the phone batteries are either dead or stolen.

8. Mike Horton is everyone's doctor. When he's around, expect some to past out or be injured.

9. Mike recently had a life.

10. The world's well-known villian, Stefano, can disguised himself with a single mustache and no one will know it's him.

Email me some more so I can add to the list.

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