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Gene Home Page !!!

Gene Home Page !!!

Gene Home Page is the BEST on the Web and he can not HELP it !!!


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I am a sk8er and I will have a lot of stuff on sk8ing on this very cool home page !!!
The Ollie: The ollie is the basis for almost every skateboard trick. Nine out of ten tricks require an ollie of some sort. If you have the ollie mastered then you are not far from mastering streetstyle. The ollie itself is the act ofjumping into the air while keeping your board on your feet. So if you are skating down the sidewalk and all of a sudden an old lady were to fall in front of you and block your path, you would want to ollie over her and keep going on your way. Step one: Place your front foot in the middle of the board and your back foot on the tip of the tail (or back). This is your preparatory foot placement, it will help you to go higher. Step two: With your back foot you want to "tap" your tail onto the ground. Do this by smashing your tail downward while jumping up. Once the tail has "popped" off the ground, slide your front foot up from the middle of your board toward the nose (or front). The secret to this trick is timing your "jump" with your "tap," and your "tap" with your "foot slide" - this takes practice, so be patient and you will improve. Tip: You are jumping off of your back wheels, before your tail actually hits the ground. Step three: Leveling off. Once airborne, the "foot slide" levels your board out. The "foot slide" is the process of scraping your foot (or more likely, your shoe) upward and forward across the grip tape toward the nose. You do this just after the tail tap and jump. Fact: The tap and the foot slide combined are the ollie's essence, your jump determines its height. Step four: Land. Tip: A good thing to remember with any trick is what I call the "box." Imagine yourself in an invisible box the size of your skateboard. Always keep your body centered above your board and in this box. I find it helps you to land tricks because a common mistake is to lean too far forward or backward. Thank you and have a niceday,bunghole.

The Ollie Flip: Well, as you can tell from the name of this trick you need to learn the ollie first. The ollie flip is an ollie variation: you jump into the air with your board, but your board does a flip before you land on it. Step one: Your back foot goes on the tail and your front foot goes in the middle of the board, but hangs a bit over the heel edge. Step two: Do an ollie, but rather than only sliding your front foot upward and forward, you must also slide your foot (again, probably your shoe) to the heel side enough to start your board in a spin. This action requires you to actually kick your front foot off of your board. The spinning board hovers for a second between your sprawling, supple legs. Step three: "Catch" your board in mid-air once it has spun completely around, and land.

360 Flip: The 360 flip is what you might call a "compound trick" because it actually combines two tricks, the kickflip and the 360 shove-it. To do a 360 flip, you should position your front foot like you would for a kickflip, with your toe slid back toward the heel-edge of the board. Your rear foot should be positioned with your toe on the opposite corner of the board,namely the toe-edge of the tail. Rolling at a moderate to slow speed, pop an ollie, but as you kick your front foot for the "flip," swing your back foot underneath and behind you 360-shove-it-style. This will rotate the board around as it spins. The whole thing should take about the same amount of time a kickflip does, so you won't have to "hang" in the air any longer. When the nose comes back around and the griptape side shows upward, stick your feet back on and land it.

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