You Belong To Me

You Belong To Me

The Possessor She knew, from the moment she entered into the patio section of the exclusive restaurant, that her course had changed dramatically. His emerald orbs bore into her, invading her innermost thoughts. She swallowed hard and fought the heat that was suddenly coursing through her body. He did not move a muscle and she struggled to compose herself as she walked towards them. His piercing gaze continued its assault, probing her, swirling around inside of her and she nearly trembled at the memory of their last encounter.

You belong to me.

He'd growled those words with every punishing thrust. What normally would have sent her into a furious tirade about ownership had instead sent her barreling towards concordance. She belonged to him. Of course, later, she'd summarily dismissed her ecstacy driven night and sought to bury herself in matters that did not involve Stefan Cassadine. For nearly 6 months, she'd been successful.

Until now. Reaching the table she glanced down at Stefan, hoping beyond all hope that he had let go of the past as well. "Miss Campbell," he greeted politely with a slight nod. To anyone else, it was a cordial greeting. But to Gia, the flicker behind his neutral expression revealed much more.

You still belong to me.