The Force of Nature Alexander Cassadine glanced at his crimson surroundings, a bemused smile on his face. "Are you decent?" he called into the studio. Within seconds, the familiar sound of a surprised male voice and the fumbling of rapid dressing filled the room. The curtain soon parted and a handsome young man guiltily walked past Alexander, averting his eyes completely from his employer.

Yelena appeared a few moments later and leaned against the bricks. "You always ruin my fun," she pouted in amusement. Alexander chuckled, "I do apologize."

"No you don't," she sassed back. Her expression softened. "You could have called, but you came all this way instead. Is something wrong?"

Alexander quickly shook his head. "No, things are going very well." He waited for her complete attention before continuing. "In fact, that package we've been eagerly awaiting just came this morning."

Yelena's dark eyes lit up. "She's here?" Excitement crept into her voice. "Is she furious?" she asked gleefully. Alexander laughed and Yelena's face broke into a wide grin as if she was getting a most prized gift on her birthday. "And her sons?" she demanded. "Are they concerned at all about her disappearance?"

"No. Not yet at least, although in a few hours, her manservant should begin to panic. I'm sure Stefan and Stavros will begin a search in a few days."

"Fools." Yelena's glee quickly chilled. "I wouldn't go looking for a woman like Helena. I'd be glad she was gone," she hissed. A lifetime of rage was very quickly getting ready to explode. Alexander was not willing to let that happen. "But we're not like them, are we?" he asked, leaning against the brick wall, his gaze locking onto hers. The fire behind her eyes cooled and Yelena nodded slowly, "no, we aren't."

"And that will make all the difference."