Wild Thing

Wild Thing

The Ball O' Fire She never failed to amaze him. The way she would dance along the white sandy beach or command a room full of high powered executives with a single look. He was wild about her, that much was true. When she would gaze at him after a passion filled romp on the elevator to his office or when she would stroke his face at night while he slept. Her mere presence gave him a sense of euphoria he'd never experienced before.

To think that Jax had carelessly let her leave his life was mind boggling. For a mindless, vapid waif like Chloe Morgan? He shook his head.

"Baby?" Her voice had that familiar rough edge that drove him wild. He felt the stir in his slacks and smiled, Venus Ardanowski was a woman of endless talents. He turned his attention back to her. "Where did you go just then?"

Sonny Corinthos smiled, his dimples flashing in the morning sun. "Nowhere baby, I'm here with you."



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