Warning Sign

Warning Sign

The Regretful Man His back to her, Sonny could easily tune out the endless droning of Carly as she prepared to head out to her club for the evening. He had more important things to think about.

Or rather dream about. He brought his hand to his lips, remembering how they had memorized every incho of Dara's flawless skin and possessed her full lips. He was playing with fire, most certainly. The band of gold served as a constant reminder of his vows to his tiresome wife.

No longer, however, could he ignore the warning sign that was Dara Jensen. He was intoxicated by her and the feeling was mutual. She wanted more. She wanted to be more than the 'other' woman. It brought her shame and he loathed the idea of her being in any kind of pain. A choice had to be made.

"Carly," he said, turning to face his wife. "We need to talk."


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