The Bottomless Pit Sonny knew the day he welcomed Carly into his bed was the day all rational thinking went out the window. Now nearly 2 years later he was trying to extract this leech and finding like most things about his ex-wife, it was damn near impossible. The more she blathered on about God knows what, the more irritated he became. Still, he could always tune out her droning.

Until she crossed the line. Mentioning his fiancee's name in one breath and beginning to form the word 'whore' in the next caught him off guard and pissed as hell.

"Sabrina is not a name you are ever allowed to speak in my presence again!" His voice was chilling and ominous as he tightened his grip on her. Clenching his teeth together, he spat out, "you remember that your boy is the only reason I am letting you walk out of here alive. You even think of dirtying her name again, I will make your son an orphan." With a hate filled glare to silence any reply from her, Sonny stalked from the room.