The Scandalists How was it that he hadn't seen this coming? Carla Solieto had been everything he'd dreamed of in a woman and when she came into his life, he had never felt more blessed.

Until his best friend and business partner Dominik Vitali crept into the picture of their happiness. Justus had dismissed the suspicions that lingered in the back of his mind until he unexpectedly interrupted a moment between them and the whole charade of his marriage to Carla crumbled.

Now he could only watch from his office window, seething at the memory of Carla and Dominik's betrayal, the images burned into his mind. The opening of Vitali Industries newest building had brought out the business elite from around the world, with Dominik and his new bride basking in the warmth of their success.

She approached from behind, her arms snaking around him. "Don't let it get to you," she said, her cold eyes gazing at the display below them. "Slow and steady wins the race and they'll get what's coming to them."

Justus pulled her into his arms and finally tore his gaze away from the celebration and focused on her instead. He smiled and Alexis grinned back at him. "You're right," he said, "no good deed goes unpunished."


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