Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate

The Regent Although he trembled, he knew he could show no sign of his uncertainty. He swallowed hard and upon inhaling a deep breath, he nodded to the guard.

She came in loudly, struggling from the powerful grip by the two guards who flanked her. She surveyed the room quickly before settling two ice blue orbs on him. Instantly she tensed as he glared at her, unfazed by her rage.

"What is the meaning of this?" she hissed at him. He took one long look at her. The woman who had given him life and hated him every second from that moment. The woman for whom he had spent years trying in vain to please. The woman who had created so much darkness in his life but had made one fatal mistake.

Laura. Her brief time on the island had transformed Stefan the weakling into a fire breathing Cassadine. With her gone, Stefan had been left with the only thing he could truly love.

Nikolas. For him, Stefan would do anything. "This is a coup, Mother," he said calmly. "This all belongs to Nikolas now and I will be responsible for him until his 25th birthday. You, of course, will be offered a small fortune, but under no circumstances will you attempt to re-gain control."

Her lips thinned with hate. "And if I refuse your offer?" Stefan blinked, feeling the vision he held for young Nikolas becoming clearer. Helena could never be allowed near him. Ever. "You won't, Mother. You forget how well I know you and how well you've taught me."