The Powder Keg "Who is he?" she demanded, her tone brisk as she exited the limousine. "An American," Andreas supplied handing her the dossier, "Jack Bauer and the marriage is valid," he informed her as she gave a frosty glance in the direction of the monstrous home she now resided in. Sabrina had been unusually quiet in the past few months and with the sudden arrival of a mysterious husband, Helena would take no chances in regards to taking the family Empire from her grandson. "Don't hand me a file of information!" she barked at her manservant. "I want to know the truth. Something is going on."

Pursing her lips as she contemplated her next move, her ice blue eyes narrowed before she addressed Andreas once more. "Bring him to me, alone. I wish to meet my new son-in-law."

*A continuation of the postcards Complicated and Simple Task