Too Bad

Too Bad

The Lovely Duo Gia Campbell did a quick check in the hall mirror before crossing the packed ballroom to her target. Shadowed by his assistant, Gia frowned in irritation. She wanted him alone. Dumping Chloe Morgan was the smartest thing he did. Gia would be the woman who graced magazine covers and be on the arm of one of the world's most handsome, not to mention, richest men in the world. A squeal of joy coming from the assistant distracted Gia from her vision of being Mrs. Gia Jacks and to her horror, she watched as Jax, bent on one knee, placed a large, diamond ring on his assistant's finger. Pushing her way to the front of the crowd that gathered, she found herself thrust into the new couple's path.

"Gia!" Jax boomed proudly as his arm nestled securely around V's waist. "Be the first to congratulate Venus and I on our engagement!" V, grinned madly at Gia and cozied up to Jax, only infuriating Gia in the process.

"Congratulations,"she muttered before stomping off.