Time Away

Time Away

The Slow Burn Justus had told her about AJ's triumphs and failures in her absence, and she had been delighted to learn of his successful bid for joint custody of Michael. The joy she'd seen him show at playing with his son just moments earlier warmed her heart. It was when her sudden movement caught his eye, that she truly saw what years apart had done to her former lover.

His magnetic gaze fixated on her and as if on cue, heat coursed through her veins. The want he held for her had gone unchanged and the time away hadn't dampened his obvious desire for her. In fact, it seemed to have intensified as it aged. "Hello, Keesha," he greeted softly.

Her reply was just as tender, as though this was a moment so fragile and precious, it needed extra care in handling. "Hello, AJ." A world of wonder and curiosity filled her as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his faded blue jeans. "Just visiting?" he asked, flicking his gaze back to Michael momentarily, ensuring his son was still safe on the playground. Keesha smiled at the proud, protective aura around AJ. No longer did she sense the neediness that had plagued him during his youth. She shook her head. "I'm here to stay now. Time to get my life back on track."

A flicker of something she couldn't quite determine passed over his visage before he smiled warmly. Her spine tingled as though she'd been touched by him intimately. "Welcome home, Keesha."

Welcome home indeed.


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