'Til death do us part

'Til death do us part

The Light He hated this part of the arangement. Standing at her grave with Sonny Corinthos, paying respects to the woman they loved. "I hear you're going to the WSB," Sonny said, his voice almost a whisper. Alex nodded silently. "Good luck." With that, the tortured man disappeared behind the wall of English ivy, into the night.

It hadn't been a chance encounter, meeting Sonny at the same time. Careful plans had been set in motion for weeks. Alex surveyed his surroundings cautiously before pulling the picture from his wallet. He smiled, brushing the droplets of rain that were falling on the vision that was Lily. It was a captured moment early one morning after she had stolen into their secret meeting place, away from her forbidding father, away from the rules and regulations of the law, away from the worlds that would not allow them to be together.

How he missed her and the child that Sonny had assumed was his. It had taken all his strength not to scream at Corinthos on that terrible night. Years later, he could still feel the rage of not being able to claim a child as your own.

They were in a better place now, safe from the world that would have surely destroyed them. Putting the photo away, Alex smiled at the grave stone, soon it would be all over. Glancing at his watch, he realized his flight to Barcelona would be leaving shortly.

Off to his new life he would go, and join the wife and son he had hidden away for six years. He would remember to take a picture for that moment as well.


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