Thin Ice

Thin Ice

The Sure Thing "What are you doing here, Bella?" Sonny's tired question was met with silence as Isabella Moreno offered him an unreadable expression. Leaning against the wall opposite her, he released a heavy sigh. The days of his heart skipping a beat at her presence had long passed. He thought she knew that.

"I thought I was over you," she finally said, her full mouth forming each word slowly and despite his best efforts, Sonny's tongue slipped out to lick his lower lip. Never one to miss a subtle gesture, as her Father had taught her since she was an infant, she lowered her gaze, her mouth twitching with amusement. "I'm not, but that's not why I came."

"Isabella, my wife will be home shortly, I can't allow you to be here when she arrives. She's not so fond of you since your last attempt to seduce me," Sonny remarked harshly, perhaps more angry with himself for still responding to her than for her loitering his hallway.

Anger flashed in her dark orbs as they decided how best to respond. "You remember your first wife?" she asked coldly. Sonny stiffened, his expression tight and controlled. He couldn't believe she'd dare go there. "Little girl, you are skating on thin ice," he managed through clenched teeth. Isabella rolled her eyes, "here," she thrust a dossier into his hand. "I just wanted to let you know Sabrina DeLane isn't as dead as you were originally led to believe."