The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

The Orchestrator "Well?" Johnny's face hardened momentarily as his boss's demand grated on his nerves. "Francis and Pete are watching them. They're fine," he reported, taking a quick peek through the flimsy curtains of the beachfront home. Turning back, he faced the man he'd formerly admired and respected and could do little more than pity now. Downing his 3rd scotch of the morning, Sonny raked his hand through his unruly mane, his manner skitish and uncertain. It was common knowledge among the guards that Sonny's ground in the organization was growing unsteady the longer he failed to act on removing Anthony Moreno from power. Rumblings from the other families were finally acknowledging that Sonny had lost his once golden touch.

A request had been put in and without much fanfare, an agreement had been reached. Observing the older man now, Johnny could see that Sonny knew what was coming. The dread in his every movement were hard to ignore and in a vain attempt to evade the dire consequences for just a few days longer, they had re-located to Puerto Rico. Obviously Sonny wanted to spend a few quiet days with his wife and young son before returning for the inevitable.

Sonny quietly moved to stand beside his sentry, watching the young child he loved so dearly frolic in the water with his wife. Johnny gazed down at the heart warming scene, feeling only ire for the woman and child who had clouded Sonny's mind so terribly. Flicking his eyes to the Grandfather clock, he drew in a slow breath. It was time.

"They will be taken care of, I give you my word."

Sonny turned sharply at the meaning. Confusion clouded his dark orbs. "You?" Horror gripped him as Johnny's own gaze iced over.

"I insisted on handling your removal myself, just as I did with Jason."