The Secret

The Secret

The Unexpected Duo "Congratulations, you deserve your happiness." His voice was soft as he offered his words to the happy couple staring back at him. Alexis smiled faintly in response. "Thank you Jason." Moving on, he grabbed a drink from the passing waiter and settled against the wall as the newly married couple basked in the attention from the huge gathering of well wishers at the PC Grille.

Her unborn child would soon be greeted by the world, in a matter of days, Robin had told him excitedly. He swallowed the hard liquor, his throat burning as he watched Sonny's hand rub Alexis's swollen abdomen protectively. She didn't want to know.

For all that he had endured during the Michael fiasco, Jason had been quick to agree. It was best for them both in allowing Sonny to believe her child was finally going to make him a Father.

The problem was now Carly knew the secret as well.