The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple

The Sweet Kids Keesha smiled warmly at the newly married couple. "I'm so happy for you A.J." Her sincerity never wavered as she embraced Sonny Corinthos' younger sister, feeling the warmth and love Courtney lavished on A.J. Watching them walk away, her heart pounded painfully against her chest. She'd let him get away from her and despite being overjoyed over the fact that he had found both inner peace and love with his new bride, she still missed him terribly.

"The Perfect Couple, wouldn't you agree?" Keesha turned at the voice and found herself staring into the deep brown eyes of one Nikolas Cassadine. Handing her a flute of champagne, he took a sip from his own. "It's good to see A.J. at peace. I know it troubled Emily and Andresj greatly during the rough periods," he noted his gaze never leaving hers.

"Only it leaves me wondering, what on earth is a beautiful woman like yourself, coming to such a gathering alone?" Keesha's cheeks flushed but her eyes didn't move an inch. "Someone might ask the same about you," she remarked lightly, sensing the challenge in his demeanor. Nikolas smiled, the hairs on the back of his neck tingling, he'd have to remember to thank Emily and Andresj for their kind invitation, already it was becoming more enjoyable than he'd ever fathomed.