The One You Want

The One You Want

The Sophisticates Sabrina hid the jubilant smile that threatened to destroy the cool glance she'd sent in her ex-husband's direction as he entered the room. The woman on his arm brought her an even greater sense of satisfaction. Killing two birds with one lethal stone was even sweeter. Alexandra DiMera looked as though she'd seen a ghost, it had been so long since she'd seen her ex-fiancee.

"Brina darling, how much longer must we humour this function? There are more important things I would rather spend my time doing," Liam murmured into her ear suggestively. Sabrina shivered as his hands moved lower to the curve of her shapely physique.

She took another glance at the couple that had recovered and chatted with the group of people who'd approached them, but Sabrina knew better. Stefan's emerald gaze would flick to her briefly, and the devastation in those few seconds was a triumph for her. I'm the one you want she said silently, her mouth curving into a small smile. Addressing the former friend who'd stolen her husband, she gave a knowing look, I've got the one you want.

The implication was clear to both. I don't need you anymore.

"We'll say our goodnights and then I'm all yours, how's that?" Sabrina offered. Liam's sparkling blue eyes shone down on her. "Let's get moving then," he said a cheeky grin etched on his visage. Offering one last withering look at the couple she left behind, Sabrina Corleone gave a satisfied nod. Her Papa had taught her well and she had always been a good student. Now Stefan knew too.

*Liam McKerron is an original character by jPenfoldg