The Offer

The Offer

The Enfant Terrible "You look surprised." Damon's murmur interrupted Luis Alcazar's momentary shock. Watching the younger man taking a sip of his drink, as though he had no care in the world, Alcazar let out a chuckle. Damon's reticent gaze rose to meet Alcazar's. Alcazar's mood shifted as the look of seriousness on Damon's face silenced him.

"You're quite serious about this?" Damon's gaze hardened at the idea he wasn't. Alcazar held out his hands, "okay, I was just checking. Sonny Corinthos is a powerful man." Damon leaned forward. "Don't let what others tell you distort the actual image. He's weak and removeable."

"You really do hate your brother don't you?" Alcazar rose from his seat. "You want me to destroy him, but you don't want the territory." Damon nodded. "Why?"

A haunted look came over the younger Corinthos brother for the first time. "It's none of your concern," he finally said brusquely. "Do you accept my offer?" Alcazar nodded once. "Sonny won't know what hit him."

Damon gazed into his drink. "Yes, he will."