The Moment

The Moment

The Maestro She couldn't quite pinpoint the moment when she realized Rusty Ryan's heart was never going to let her go. Was it when his blue eyes twinkled or when he cast long, hungry glances her way? Or was it when he'd turned towards her on the dock a look of hope guarded by the understanding that she might walk away and never look back?

She knew he would give anything to make her stay. She knew that in this moment, it took every bit of strength he had to stop himself from begging her to stay. She remembered everything about him. From the moment their eyes met in the swanky downtown club in Havana all those months ago, she finally understood the striking difference between him and all her past loves. It had been as clear as day, both terrifying and exhiliarting, this new experience.

"When is your flight?" he asked, his voice low and full of regret for the lies he'd told her. Still, his gaze never wavered. Keesha swallowed hard, the memory still fresh in her mind of realizing many of Rusty's tales were just that. The devastation she had felt was compounded only by the fact that she had finally clued into how deeply she had fallen for him. Jason had urged her to take the flight home to Port Charles with him. He was waiting on the private jet right now.

Sudden tears sprang forward and another truth dawned on her. She couldn't leave. She wouldn't leave him. This moment was going to slip past her if she didn't grab onto it. "There is no flight," she finally declared, her voice thick with emotion. "I'm not going anywhere without you."

*Rusty Ryan is Danny Ocean's right hand man in many of his high risk, illegal operations. Both characters are found in Ocean's 11.*