The Middle-Part II

The Middle-Part II

The Girl Next Door Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Do I love Damon after all?..

Isabella studied her reflection, her expression uncertain, perhaps even a bit scared. Her life had been built around Sonny. Raised to be the perfect wife for a mobster, she'd spent endless hours learning her role, the do and do nots of their world. Then, in a flash, it was all over.

She'd known about Sonny's indescretions in the past and although humiliated by them, she stood by his side, quietly willing herself to see the man that she had loved most of her life.


She knew he had arranged for the doctored photos of Sonny with other women and while his deliberate attempt to sabotage her impending wedding with Sonny angered her, she couldn't help but be awakened by the fact that someone was finally saying she was worth more than this life with a man who would not be faithful to her.

Was Damon the man who was intended for her? The uncertainty returned and Isabella sighed. In the reflection, Damon appeared, looking breathtaking in his tuxedo. "Hey," he said softly. Warmth radiated from him and she gazed at him intensely. Her whole life dictated to her until Damon walked into it and reminded her that another path could be chosen.

Terrified? A little. Wonderful? Without a doubt.