The Middle-Part I

The Middle-Part I

The Partners "Beautiful girl," Jakob commented as the two friends watched Isabella Moreno execute a perfect dive into the cool water. She surfaced a few moments later, laughing. Damon found the expressiveness, like most things about her, irresistible and gave her a warm smile in return. "Very beautiful," he murmured in agreement.

"You would be a fool to lose her," Jakob remarked. Damon frowned at the warning in his friend's tone. "I won't."

"I don't mean that," Jakob said, referring to their impending takeover of Sonny Corinthos's territory. "I mean her." Damon took notice of the hint of wonderment in Jakob's voice. He knew it all too well himself. "She's one in a million Damon. Don't let her go."

"I'm not like my brother," Damon replied firmly. "I never will."