The Memory Remains

The Memory Remains

The Memory "You're sure." Knox was not asking, but ensuring that he was hearing the truth. The private investigator nodded nervously. "This was taken only months ago, in Puerto Rico."

Knox breathed deeply, his gaze memorizing every inch of her picture. It had been one thing to learn the woman he loved had not died years earlier as he had been led to believe. Knox sat down, unsteady on his feet. Rubbing a tired hand over his face, his eyes remained fixed on the picture of Yelena Cassadine.

"And the transactions?" he said quietly. The PI nodded once more. "It was extremely difficult to trace, but the end result is clear. Her faked death and subsequent life in hiding was orchestrated and paid for by one person."

Knox's face hardened as he swallowed back the bile that rose in his throat. The knowledge that it had been his own brother who had been the culprit behind the entire ordeal was earth shattering. "Is that all?" the PI asked, inching towards the door. Knox dismissed the man quickly, his attention still set on one thing and one thing only. He would reclaim his life and deal with the one who had destroyed it.

*A continuation of the postcards Discovery and Remember.