The Lesson

The Lesson

The Master and The Apprentice The two men sat, watching with rapt attention to the media circus in front of the courthouse. Sonny Corinthos, triumphant in the criminal case against him emerged laughing and boasting his good fortune to the eager news crews that swarmed around him. "He thinks he's gotten away with it," Jace said in a low growl, rage coursing through his veins. His Uncle, Michael Corleone leaned in close to the tightly wound young man. "Patience Marcario," he murmured using Jace's given name to reach him. "The time will come for Corinthos to face up to the consequences."

"When?" Jace spat out bringing his hands together in frustration as he watched Corinthos slip into the armor plated car and drive off a free man. "He has to pay!" Michael patted Jace's knee, "and you need to learn patience. Your Father's killer will be dealt with, but not until you are ready."

"I can kill him!" Jace insisted turning to face his Uncle. Angry eyes locked onto wise, dark orbs as silent seconds ticked by. Michael leaned forward. "I believe you can kill him but I do not believe you could handle the knowledge of his life ending by your hands." As his Uncle leaned back against the bench, Jace knew the subject was closed for now. The lesson had only just begun.