The Implication

The Implication

The Triangle "He gave us the slip Captain," Booker explained. "I turned my back for a second and he got Judy." He gave his head a frustrated shake. "Stupid, rookie mistake," he chided himself. "I turned my back too," Judy injected. "He just knocked the wind out of me." She placed her hand on Booker's forearm, giving it a reassuring pat. They'd both screwed up, it wasn't right for Booker to take all the heat.

Hanson glowered at Booker. Anyone on the team getting hurt was bad enough. The fact that it was Judy and it was on Booker's watch drove him crazy. "You should have been more careful. We only have each other out there," he said crossly. Booker's expression darkened at the implication. Fuller stepped in before the tension in the room increased. "Everyone out!" he barked. "Hanson, I need a word."

Cheeks burning with shame and embarassment, Hoffs stood and issued Hanson a withering glare. He drew back in surprise. It took him a moment to realize what calling out Booker had implied about Judy. That she was fragile and needed extra care. That she couldn't take care of herself. She hated being singled out like that, being the sole female on the team. He knew that. Hanson closed his eyes as the door clicked shut behind Judy. He'd screwed up, in more ways than one.

*A continuation of the postcard Rival