The Healing

The Healing

The Other Path "Dawn." Lorenzo's breathless plea sent a shiver down her spine. The world that lay behind those hypnotizing blue eyes were once forbidden to her, by her own choice.

"Lorenzo." Her whispered response only grazed the surface of her desire for him. Once she had believed that after Nikolas, she could never love again, her heart too broken to move on. Now she rested against her lover, wanting to be beneath him, to be intoxicated by him.

No longer would she mourn the death of her beloved. The time had come to shed the past and welcome the new and for the first time, she did not dread it or feel the pain of taking the first few steps in that direction. Opening her heart to her best friend and welcome his touch without feeling guilt had been difficult at first, but now she yearned to be with him, to gaze into his eyes and feel the love that shone from them.

"I love you Dawn," he murmured into her ear, his hot breath making her melt inside. Never did she think she would feel like this again. "I love you too," she replied, her voice strong and sure.