The Guest

The Guest

The Disrupter "Is she expecting my arrival?" The young manservant shook his head. "No, sir." Ares regarded his employer seriously, waiting for his next instruction. The older man stood tall, his hands clasped behind his back as he observed the young beauty as she paced in the courtyard. After a silent moment, the request for a light lunch was made with a curt nod. Ares had been with his employer for so many years that few words needed to pass between the two to be completely understood.

He stepped into the courtyard, a calm, regal way about him as he caught the eye of his niece. She started, stunned by the vision before her. It only took another moment to recover from the shock. After all these years of being a Cassadine, she'd grown used to the fact that almost nothing could surprise her. Until now, that is. Sabrina folded her arms in front of her, curious but determined. "I thought you had died in prison."

Victor Cassadine allowed a slight smile. So much like her Father, he enjoyed her spirit already. "Merely an exageration, my dear."