The Gentleman

The Gentleman

The Gentleman "Take a picture, it lasts longer."

As usual, his expression did not change with her nervy remark and as usual, her impatient manner got the best of her. Pushing out of her chair, she stalked across the hardwood flooring, feeling his molten gaze upon her shapely frame as it walked away from him. "Do you expect me to just wait around all night? It's no fun watching you push a pen over papers," she called from the wet bar near the bay windows of his office. Turning around, port in hand, she watched as he efficiently read over his work, making changes here and there. "I'm not even here," she mumbled in response, her eyes dropping to her drink.

"You have my attention." His sultry voice instantly stopped all movements. "What do you wish to do with it?" It may have been posed as a question, but underneath lay a challenge. Sabrina smiled into her drink, once again feeling those dark brown orbs that rendered her weak at the knees. She never backed down from a challenge, especially one as delicious as Dominik Vitali. Perching on the edge of his desk, she gave him a glimpse of her lithe legs as one smoothly crossed over the other. Allowing a cheeky grin to grace her visage, she offered him a arched brow. "How much can this pretty baby take?" she asked, tapping a finely manicured nail against the desk.

Most men would smile at the implication, but not him. "Quite a bit, but I must wonder as to how much you are willing to give it," he remarked slowly before sweeping aside the evening's work. "We'll see how well the crafsmanship really is, won't we?"