The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper

The Enforcer "Move!" Sonny's irritation exploded only moments after arriving at his ex-wife's front door. The man narrowed his eyes calmly, refusing to leave his post.

"She doesn't want to see you," he replied, his British accent only serving to anger the mob chief even more. "She's my responsibility!" he snarled and the man's eyes flashed menacingly. "Listen," he said coldly, "she can take care of herself, but she is my sister and I'm not letting you in to see her."

Sonny startled at the revelation. "You?" he said in a bewildered tone. The man smiled as he exhaled a long stream of smoke. "Our Father would never admit to siring either of us, but yes, Simone is my sister."

"She never told me about a brother." The man straightened his stance, his frame now towering over Sonny. "You never told her about Anthony Moreno threatening Tommy's life, so I suppose that makes you even," he said in a low rumble. Sonny's expression darkened at the mention of his foolish choice. "I'm taking care of it-" he started harshly when the man cut in. "It's already been taken care of!" he bellowed. Lowering his voice, he continued,"seems you're a little slow on the uptake Corinthos."

Sonny bristled. "I take care of my own and there's a new threat I need to talk to her about." The man regarded Sonny with a pitious look. "You're so completely out of touch, sir. I suppose you'll blather on to Simone about Luis Ramone Alcazar, won't you? Nevermind the fact that your contacts are so inept, they haven't yet informed you that he's our brother and is in town for a visit." He regarded the mobster with a smirk. "Yes, another brother she neglected to inform you of. I suppose you were much too interested in Caroline Benson to pay any attention to my sister when she spoke of the people she loved. Pity really, we're such an interesting family."