The Dance

The Dance

The Ingenue "Emily?" His voice was soft and Emily's sulky gaze rose to meet his. "Hey," she replied, just as softly. He shoved his hands into his pockets, being as nervous as he was, and took a ginger step towards her. "Weddings are pretty crazy, huh?"

"Quartermaines are pretty crazy to begin with, a wedding sends them over the cliff of sanity. Are you sure your cousin wants to marry one of us?" Now her voice was lighter, a tad more open. He smiled in response, "I think Dara can handle herself."

Emily took a good look at Jamal Woods, finding his easy smile infectious. "Ned really loves her," she said. Jamal nodded. "Yeah, what they got is pretty special. I'm happy for her."

An awkward moment passed between them as their minds raced to find something casual to say, to not be obvious or look foolish. "Well..." Jamal stalled, "I guess I better get back." Emily nodded reluctantly and silently watched him head back towards the living room. "Jamal!" she blurted suddenly. He whipped around, almost breathless. Her eager eyes glanced at him hopefully. "Do you want a tour of the place? It's pretty big," she stammered, clasping her hands together anxiously.

Jamal's face broke into a wide grin. "That'd be great." The dance had started shaky, but looked stronger with every step.

*Jamal Woods is a creation of ABCDaytime and can be found on Port Charles.