The Chase

The Chase

The Fighter He was running like the wind, but she still managed to stay ahead of him by a dozen paces or so. He wouldn't give up. Tommy Hardy knew that if he didn't catch Gina Cates, she would leave his life and never look back. He and Emily were just friends, and although Gina knew Emily and Nikolas were going through a rough patch, Tommy couldn't erase the mixed look of shock and deep pain on her face when she walked into his bedroom and found his arms around Emily, comforting her.

She had rushed from his room in tears and he'd been chasing her ever since. He ignored the dull pain that grew in his side, he knew Gina could go a distance without breaking a sweat and letting her out of his sight to catch his breath wasn't an option.

"Gina!" he shouted to her, knowing she wouldn't respond. She hadn't the six or seven other times he'd called her name, desperate to talk to her. The mauve silk scarf that held her hair back suddenly loosened and flew from her. Tommy watched the blond hair he used to thread his fingers through when with her, dance in the wind. The scarf fluttered towards him and Tommy snatched it, feeling the fabric against his fingers. He brought it up to his face, inhaling her deeply, the scent giving every inch of him new strength to continue and all the reasons for why he loved her flooded into his mind and he became a man possessed. The sweat trickled down him, but he ignored it. The only thing he could see was her.

He had to catch her. He had to.