The Beginning

The Beginning

The Interloper Damn him.

Damon Corinthos had only been in his world for a short period of time but already, Sonny was learning to recognize the subtleties of his younger brother's facial expressions.

This one was no different.

Months of careful planning and arrangements had paid off. Isabella Moreno had been presented with the falsified pictures and with a sharp crack across his cheek, ended her relationship with her betrothed.

And just like that, Damon had gracefully stepped in to comfort the young beauty he'd grown close to over time.

She's mine now.

Sonny clenched his fists, chastizing himself for not picking up on the signs that seemed so obvious in retrospect. Damon hated Sonny for a wealth of reasons, the most obvious being that Adella had given Damon up at birth, but lavished love and wealth on Sonny. The realization had been too much for his younger brother to bare.

Sonny stared down the man who had successfully taken the woman he loved from his life and Damon's eyes fixed on him, a cold steely expression on his face. To the untrained eye, it meant nothing, but to Sonny, it was a devastating signal.

This is only the beginning.