The Angle

The Angle

The Very Naughty Boy "You crazy bitch! You think you can keep my daughter from me?!" Sonny's enraged voice filled the busy restaurant. Flanked by Jason and two guards, he strode purposefully towards Alexis, a murderous glint in his eyes. Alexis rose stiffly, nervous but firm in her defense. "People drop like flies around you, I'm not taking any chances with MY child," she spat back. Sonny's expression twisted angrily as her defiance only served to infuriate him even more. "You can't hide from me and when I'm done with you, you'll never see Kristina again!" Alexis narrowed her eyes. "You're more delusional than I ever imagined!"

From a few tables over, Jerry watched. He hated bullies, but Alexis wasn't backing down, even though she was clearly outnumbered. The Cassadine fire that had always driven him crazy was burning brightly in her. He wasn't stealing her thunder. The heated exchange continued until Alexis turned away, signalling the end of the conversation. Her head held high, she marched towards their table. He rose, watching Sonny from the corner of his eye. "Want me to go beat him up?" he queried gently as she stopped mere inches from him. Alexis gave a gentle laugh and shook her head. "Sabrina's got dibs on him already."

Taking her mouth in a kiss that left many fellow patrons staring, Jerry caught Sonny's startled expression from afar. "So Ned's big mouth got the best of him, huh?" Alexis shrugged. "I told him he didn't know what he was talking about but he wouldn't listen. My little girl is a Cassadine and nothing's going to change that."

Jerry gave her rump a gentle swat. "Ahem?" He cocked an eyebrow as they exited the restaurant, arm in arm. Alexis rolled her eyes. "Fine, she's a Jacks girl too."