The Escape Artist "Just try and take my child away from me Ned," Alexis said coldly. "You're not her Father, you never were."

"Corinthos might be interested in knowing that fact, my dear," Ned replied tightly as he watched Nikolas carry the newest Cassadine out of the room. Alexis placed her hands on her hips, unimpressed by the threat. "Go ahead, it won't change your situation one bit. Why don't you spend some time with the child that actually belongs to you," she said harshly.

Ned clenched his fists tightly, "have you no decency? I love Kristina too!" Alexis rolled her eyes, clearly unmoved. "I lost any sympathy for you when you threatened my relationship with my child. I won't go into detail over you allowing Skye's filthy hands on my daughter or your daliances with Faith Roscoe jeopardizing her life. Be greatful that denied access is all the punishment you'll receive."

With a final steely glare that would have made Helena proud, Alexis's last words dripped with resolve. "Go commiserate with Sonny. Neither of you will be seeing her anytime soon."