The Smart Ass Sabrina had enough of Damon Corinthos's games. Mysterious phone calls in the night, abrupt conversations he was unwilling to discuss, disappearing for days, even weeks on end with no real explanation offered. She would not be involved with a man just like her Father. The final straw came when she'd intercepted an e-mail message to a 'Ava' for a rendezvous at a park in Milan. True to her nature, Sabrina had followed her new lover around the world, careful to remain hidden from view. Damon would learn to never mess around on Sabrina Corleone, she decided icily.

Damon sat on a park bench, waiting until finally a dark haired young woman approached him and they exchanged a warm hug. Sabrina's blood boiled at the display and without thinking, she strode across the well kept lawns towards the couple. "You bastard!" she hissed, roughly shoving him. Damon whirled around, his anger turning to shock. "Sabrina? What are you doing here?" Sabrina's eyes narrowed dangerously, "making you regret you ever crossed a Corleone!" she spat out. The young woman stepped foward angrily. "How dare you talk to my brother like this!" Sabrina's barbed response was severed the moment the woman's words dawned on her. Brother?

"Papa! Come watch me!" A young girl rushed up to the trio and flung herself in Damon's arms. "Aunt 'Bella too!" she insisted. She turned her attention to Sabrina. "Hi!" she chirped, "I'm Ava Corinthos, what's your name?" Sabrina swallowed, feeling her cheeks heat up with embarassment. "Sabrina," she managed. Damon bent down, pulling Ava close. "In a minute baby, Papa's gotta talk to Sabrina first." He looked up, amazingly unfazed by what had just happened. "I guess this was one surprise from me you weren't expecting."