The Little Princess "Hi!" The happy chirp startled the two young brothers from their initial shock at encountering the stranger sitting on the wooden bench outside the stables. Her impish grin unnerved the older brother and he scowled in response. "Who are you?" he demanded. She stiffened at his hostility, her eyes flickering with interest.


Stavros huffed at her response. "Are you a new maid?" he asked his scowl deepening. Sabrina's jaw tightened with rage. "No. She is our new sister. Papa said." Both Sabrina and Stavros turned to look at the soft spoken boy who stood off to the side. Stefan's emerald eyes locked with his sister's and almost instantly a jolt of happiness rushed through him. She was beautiful, in more ways than one. Sabrina returned the fascinated stare, her lips curling back into a slight grin. Disgusted with the exchange, Stavros stalked off, leaving the 2 younger siblings alone.

"Thank you," Sabrina said, suddenly shying from his curious gaze. Stefan felt a wave of fierce devotion wash over him. He breathed deeply and took a step towards her. His voice strong, he replied, "come with me. I want to show you the best place on the island to see the sun rise at dawn."