The Tempest "Stay," he said, his voice soft and gentle and for a moment, Keesha closed her eyes and envisioned her Jason saying those words to her, not the cold, unfeeling man who now stood before her. "I can't," she replied, snapping her eyes open. Her Jason was gone.

"Why not?" The confusion in his voice surprised her and her rigid stance relaxed ever so slightly. "Don't you have to go take your girlfriend somewhere?" Her voice was harder than she meant, but really, she was angry with herself. Damn! Would she never get him out of her system? "Elizabeth isn't my girlfriend," he said flatly. Keesha said nothing, yet her body betrayed her, as it always seemed to do in his presence. They stood, mere inches from each other and despite the tension, Keesha couldn't deny that Jason's beauty still entranced her as always. He smiled, genuinely enchanted by her and instantly her cheeks redened and bitter tears sprung forth. Damn!

"What's wrong?" The pads of his thumbs brushed the tears away as he cupped her face gently. Keesha's pain filled gaze met his. "You remind me so much of him," she bit out. "Sometimes I can't control the hurt."

It only took a moment for his tender response. "Then don't, just let it go," he murmured before bringing his mouth to hers in a slow, soul stirring kiss.