Simple Task

Simple task

The Right Man for the Job Jack Bauer pointed him gleaming weapon in the Father's face, his grim expression much clearer to the man of faith this time around. The proposition seemed ridiculous and he'd scoffed Bauer's formerly polite request. Now he was more willing to go along with the deception.

"It's a simple task," Jack murmured, his voice low and determined. "You tell Helena Cassadine exactly what I want and you'll walk away just fine. You convince her and we'll let this stealing from the church matter drop." The Father nodded his head quickly, relaxing only when Jack finally put down the weapon.

Across from Jack, Sabrina too felt overwhelmed by this man's ability to get what he wanted in a matter of seconds. If she had any doubts over him being involved in the deadly matter, they were long gone. He was ready for anything and Helena Cassadine was all that and more.

*This is a continuation of the postcard Complicated.