The Colt "My, my, my, my, my." Giovanni froze, recognizing with dread the voice that declared her disaproval. The saucy brunette giggled, wiggling further onto his lap and inwardly he groaned. This was not going to be a good night. Slowly his gaze met that of one furious Alexis Davis-Jacks. If looks could kill... he thought silently before letting his hand shade his eyes from the glaring lights behind her.

"What a surprise to see you here Vanni." Her voice was ice cold as her arms crossed in front of her, her expression anything but surprised. "What a shame your wife isn't here also." Giovanni swallowed hard, his mind racing to figure out the best manner in which to handle this disaster. "What's your problem?" the brunette sassed to Alexis. This time Giovanni's groan could be heard by all.

Alexis wasted no time in ridding herself of this obnoxious waif. Like a shot, her hand grabbed the young woman's arm in a painful grip, yanking her from Giovanni's lap. "Run home, little girl unless you want an answer to your question," she hissed before giving the girl a shove. Recognizing she was out of her league, the girl rubbed her arm before disappearing into the crowd.

Turning her attention to Giovanni, Alexis bent down until they were face to face. "Sabrina and I don't get along, anyone can vouch for that, but it doesn't negate the fact that we are sisters. Cassadine sisters," she emphasized harshly. "You make your choice tonight and keep it forever, or you'll really learn the consequences to marrying into our family," she said darkly.