The Force "It'll be like old times, son." His father's imploring voice only compounded the pounding in his head. Jerry blinked several times before trusting himself to stand on his own two feet without the aid of the wooden fence he'd been leaning against. "You know your brother's assets are in trouble. Family responsibilities are calling." There it was. The edge in his father's tone that dug under Jerry's skin and made him crazy. It always had, ever since he was a young man doing the dirty work the man he admired like no other had insisted was honest.

Like so many things in his life, Jerry learned the truth the hard way. But who was he to criticize? He'd participated willingly from that point and even enjoyed the perks of his under the table dealings. The memory made him sick to even think of it, and he'd never forget the look of horror in Jax's eyes when he realized what kind of cards his empire had been built with.

Sabrina. Just the thought of her told him where he must stand. For her, for them, for their child that was safe within her womb. Most importantly, for himself. He was done with that life. "No, Da." For the first time in his life, he was defying his Father. "Jax is smart, resourceful and a survivor. He'll get through this on his own."

John's face tightened with annoyance. "Have you forgotten all that I have taught you?" Jerry gritted his teeth. "Do not lecture me! I am finished with that life."

John's gaze hardened with his eldest son's defiance. Wordlessly, he climbed back into his SUV and gunned the engine. Jerry stood his ground. "I won't be your shadow anymore!" He glared as his Father glowered at him before tearing off down the dusty and bumpy lane of Jerry's farm, out of sight.

Jerry looked at the blip in the distance. "Get used to it."