Second Best

Second Best

The Younger Brother "Aren't you tired of playing second best?" His question came off more like a challenge than a casual query to the occupied attorney. Alexis shrugged. "I don't consider it second best, I consider it an honor."

Damon let out a bark of laughter. "Really? Playing 2nd fiddle is what you always wanted for yourself? I find that hard to believe." Alexis turned, spine straight and glared at her unwanted visitor. She'd expected his usual smirk, but she hadn't anticipated on him looking as scrumptious as he did. She took a moment to regain her composure, something that didn't slip past Damon.

"Have you always had a thing for bad boys?" The challenge remained firm. Never one to back down, Alexis crossed her arms firmly in front of her. "First, I don't consider my role as Stefan's advisor as playing 2nd fiddle. Secondly, yes, I have always had a thing for bad boys," she replied in a no nonsense tone.

Damon stared for a moment, suddenly realizing the intense gaze Alexis was sending in his direction was rendering him speechless. Licking his lower lip, he averted his gaze to the painting just over her left shoulder. Anything to get his voice back and halt the stirring in his slacks. "Really?" he coughed, sitting up slighlty.

Alexis gave a sultry smile as she sauntered over to where Damon sat. A brow arched suggestively as her manicured nails reached out, tipping his chin up to face her. Slowly she bent foward, allowing her ample bosom to peek out from the Donna Karan power suit that she wore. "I've already had your brother," she murmured. "Wouldn't that make you second best?" she purred coldly.

The challenge was effectively slapped back in his face. Determination filled Damon. "Would you allow me to change your mind about that?"