The Golden Girls "What's her name?"

Jason couldn't help but wince as he watched his mentor gaze sadly at the picture he held so lovingly in his hands.


Sonny smiled as his fingers gently traced the outline of the young girl's face. "Where are they?"

"They were at Stefan's villa for awhile, but, we haven't been able to track them for a few weeks now." Jason hated disapointing the man he thought of as his brother. "We'll find them, don't worry," he said quickly.

Sonny stared into the dark, serious orbs of his child, wanting so badly to give Jason the order to continue tracking Alexis from afar, but knew deep down that with the impending turf war, giving any kind of hint to his enemies that a child belonging to him was out there...Sonny swallowed hard, knowing the implications of a revelation like that. "No," he said, his voice tight. "Stop shadowing her, I can't risk them. I can't lose another child." His voice shook as he gave Jason the picture he had worked so hard to obtain. Closing his eyes tightly, he gritted his teeth as he instructed Jason,"burn it. There can be no link between us."

As the tears streamed down Sonny's face, he heard the fire come alive behind him as it ate away the only connection to the little girl he would never meet.