The Rough Ones He was a mess. With one look, Alexis Davis knew her ex-fiancee had been up to no good. He hadn't called her like the times before, begging for her help to get him out of whatever crazy scenario he'd gotten himself into, but when Jax had told her, she'd come racing to Rome to be with him anyway.

Pausing in the doorway of his villa, she suddenly became aware that Lornette 'Mace' Mason was hovering next to Jerry Jacks in a manner that sent jealousy coursing through Alexis' veins. She swallowed hard, wondering what on earth Marcus Taggert's cousin was doing in Rome? Not to mention the fact that her Jerry and Mace seemed to be awfully close.

She almost stepped into the room, fully prepared to break up their little moment when a strong arm pulled her back. "Luv, it's no good," Jax murmured into her ear. "Let it go." He regarded his brother and Mace with a knowing smile. Jerry had always smugly told Jax that no woman could hold him down for very long, but by the looks of it now, that declaration was crumbling to pieces.

Jerry was a fool.

But he wasn't a complete fool. Mace was the sacred proof of that.