The Rivals "Isn't she something?" Booker smiled as his hands gripped the back of Hanson's chair, his gaze settling on Judy as she poured herself a cup of coffee across the room. "Just look at her," he marvelled.

Tom shoved his hands into his pockets and said nothing, scowling as Booker made his obvious attraction to Judy plain for anyone to see. Reluctantly he lifted his gaze and instantly his scowl vanished, replaced by a look of quiet awe. She was beautiful. Beautiful in her mind, her soul, her spirit. Most dangerously though, was the beauty of her touch. Not that he'd ever allow himself to touch her the way he longed to. His awe turned to want and the change did not go unnoticed by Booker.

"Whoa, Hanson, you need a life jacket or something?" he chided the brooding man. Hanson snapped from his state and narrowed his gaze at the man who pushed his buttons more than anyone else. "What are you talking about?" he asked irritably, wanting desperately to cover his own desire for the lady just a short distance away. Booker smiled knowingly. Hason made an angry noise and snatched a random file from his desk. "You don't know what you're talking about," he bit out as he sat down, ending the conversation. Booker chuckled and strolled across the room towards Judy.

"Hey, J!" he drawled out, turning on the charm for the warm hearted detective. Judy swivelled and gave Booker a sweet smile that nearly broke Hanson in two. "Hey B!" she laughed back. "Can you grab me a cup?" he asked her nicely in response. As Judy turned back to the coffee pot, Booker's head flicked back to Hanson, knowing he'd have his audience. Hanson glared and Booker simply winked. Game, set, match.


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