Ride With Me

Ride With Me

The Next Big Thing As usual, his glare served only to infuriate her, considering how whenever he issued one directly at her, she would quickly capitulate in whatever opinion she had taken. Robert had said his eldest child was a chip off the old block but Faith didn't quite understand what her mentor and superior really meant until she was actually knee deep in her assignment, posing as his lethal and incredibly loyal wife. Tristan Scorpio was demanding, arrogant, determined and cutthroat. All qualities she admired until faced with them as she was doing right now. Gunning the engine, the muscle along his jaw flicked as his expression tightened further. "Let's go."

"Fine," she said flatly as she slid into the seat next to him. "I know these roads, considering I spent my summers here," she reminded him as he tore down the dusty road, back towards the Italian destination, "but if you say you can get us there faster than my expert opinion, FINE." Crossing her arms in front of her, she glared out at the scenery.

"Faith, I do trust you," he insisted, shouting over the roar of the engine. Seeing no change in her rigid posture, Tristan pulled the BMW convertible sharply to the side of the road, parking it. Facing her, he waited as the enging lulled, but again, Faith refused to turn around. Reaching out, he gently gripped the side of her face, turning it towards him until their eyes locked. "I trust you with my life, not because I have to, but because I know you, better than most anyone in your family. We're in a position where trust isn't even discussed, it is simply there." Faith swallowed as his emerald gaze bore into her. "Do you trust me?" Without hesitating, she nodded. "Then lets do this."


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