The Showstopper Sabrina spied the shark from a proverbial mile away. She watched as he cut through the entused crowd of partygoers with a bemused smile. Livening up a party by gracing the engagement with his presence was only half the fun for him. As he easily brushed off on overeager potential suitor, his coutenance settled on her.

Despite assuming a knowing posture, her spine tingled as the familiar smirk he wore worked its magic on her once again. "We have just got to stop meeting like this," he commented, drink in hand. Sabrina rolled her eyes, anything to get her mind off the well built physique that lay hidden beneath his Armani suit, not that she wasn't familiar with more than just Jerry Jacks' charm. "Puuhlease," she remarked dryly, "do not play your harmless minnow act with me. I know you better than that."

Slipping his arm around her waist, Jerry tugged her close. "That you do, luv. That you do," he murmured. "Stop it," she replied, "I've played your target before so behave." Swatting him away playfully, she scanned the room for her date. "Ahh yes, I believe I saw Mumbles around here somewhere, perhaps allowing a certain Gia Campbell to pass off her phone number to him?" Jerry said indifferently, watching her closely for her reaction. Sabrina narrowed her eyes in amusement. "It's not working," she insisted in a sing song voice. It only took a moment before his hand trailed across her shoulderblades, barely grazing the surface. Instantly Sabrina shivered, a gasp escaping her and she knew it was hopeless.

"That's what I thought," his husky voice ground out, illiciting another shiver from his ex-wife. "I know what I want, Brina. Now I know what you want as well."