The Tall, Dark And Handsome "Oh. My. Gawd." Gia stared lustfully at the adonis just across the street. Emily clutched her purchaces tightly, her knuckles turning white. Tommy Hardy? Had she really let him get away from her in high school? Dawn Jensen was still recovering from having drank too much of her morning coffee at the sight of the ex-marine. Keesha let out a low whistle, if she wasn't secretly seeing Jason Morgan, she'd definitely get herself some of THAT.

Slacks that did nothing but compliment him and a top that was purely criminal in what it hinted at but ultimately denied the women now openly staring. Dogtags that hung in a hypnotizing manner and the fine vehicle he leaned casually against. All of it left the women quenched. Emerging from the boutique behind them, Courtney Matthews and Carly Benson both shot Keesha a dark glare. Keesha rolled her eyes in response. The two blondes continued on until they too, caught sight of the vision that was Tommy Hardy. "Oh my," breathed Courtney. Carly bit her lower lip to stiffle the moan that was sure to escape as she hungrily eyed him. The collective group could barely move and uttered only appreciative noises every so often. Tommy seemed to either not notice his fans or ignored them completely. He had an eye on his own prize.

It was Alexis Davis that seemed to catch Tommy's attention. He stood suddenly and greeted her with a growl and a bear hug, swinging her around as they both laughed. The humour was set aside as their mouths met in a scorching kiss that singed the lashes on all the younger women across the street. Gia smiled, in spite of her jealousy. "Go Alexis," she murmured to her mentor. Emily nodded feverishly in agreement. Dawn sighed until her thoughts drifted once again to Nikolas Cassadine. Keesha chuckled as visions of Jason nude played about her mind.

Only Carly and Courtney's expressions turned sour, not cheering on a fellow female in landing such a fine man for herself. "Bitch," Carly snorted. Courtney nodded, shot Keesha another glare before tugging Carly off down the sidewalk. The others glanced at each other and laughed. "Just can't appreciate the beauty," Keesha said with a smirk.


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