Quality Time

Quality Time

The Heir "No peeking!" Nikolas heaved a sigh as his head thumped back down on the pillow. "Sweetheart, you can't keep me waiting like this!" he growled, casting his eyes to the ceiling. "It's just dinner, can't we be spending our free time doing something more engaging? I've been waiting almost an hour for you to make a decision." He realized he was skating dangerously close to whining, but his wife had run around scantily clad the entire time, enticing him with her shapely physique.

Dawn emerged, clad in her final selection. She giggled slightly at his pouty expression. His eyes flicked down to her and widened almost instantly. Naked as the day she was born, she walked boldly towards their bed in her Jimmy Choos'. "What do you think?" she purred. After a few moments of awe, Nikolas found his voice. "Is that for tonight?" he asked, gazing at her adoringly.

Dawn glanced down at the impressive bulge straining against his jeans. Her nerve endings twitched at the sight but she shrugged. "Maybe. Do you think it's too much or too little?" she teased.

Nikolas responded with a hungry smile and easily pulled his wife down onto his lap. Allowing his fingers to trail along her smooth skin, his dark orbs gazed into hers. "I think tonight's dinner should be a private affair," he suggested. Dawn nodded, her nimble fingers unfastening his jeans and diving underneath until they claimed her treasure. Nikolas shuddered as she stroked him suggestively. Both let out a satisfied moan as Nikolas burried himself deeply within her. "Yes, we definitely need our quality time."


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