The Lady and The Tramp Justus knew the look. A protector giving a firm, clear message without saying a word to the receiver. Carla Solieto had been badly burned in the past, Justus knew that too. He had fallen head over heels for the fiery beauty and last night she had shyly admitted the same for herself. Now, at a social event held at Wyndemere, he leveled his gaze at the one who could make or break the union.

Her older brother, Damon.

The one she adored. The one who'd raised her when they were young. The one who had slain the demons in her closet and defended her honour in front of anyone who dared to defile it. The one she would always run to and the one who would always be there for her.

Justus understood. His own response was just as clear. I love her.

Damon's eyes glittered, uncertainty cast in the dark orbs. Sensing it, Carla hugged her brother, silently asking for his blessing. Damon regarded Justus, finally relaxing his rigid posture. He'd quietly admired the respect Justus held for his sister and the way he treated her had been everything Damon had hoped for her. He knew how she felt and the effect he had when he walked into the room. Still, he was sad, knowing that one day someone else would take his place in her life.

Justus would be her protector now. And Damon knew he could let go.