The Jealous One She had such a beautiful laugh. Hell, everything about Emily was beautiful. She dazzled him and he knew he was powerless around her. "You coming Lucas?!" she called to him as she and Nikolas mounted their horses and trotted towards the wooded path. Lucas smiled serenely and shook his head, giving a wave as they headed off into the forest. He wouldn't be the odd one out and watch Nikolas show off in front of Emily. He wouldn't watch Emily blush when Nikolas helped her down from her saddle. He wouldn't shove his hands into his cold pockets while Emily took Nikolas's hand instead of his.

He wouldn't torture himself like that anymore. Plans were in motion now. Changes would come and soon he'd have everything he wanted. Thoughts of Emily warmed his blood so much that he barely noticed the shrill of his cell phone. "What?" he barked in annoyance. "It's just me!" came the sharp reply. Lucas sighed and leaned his head back. "What is it?" he asked again, struggling to keep his temper. "I got what you need," Gia reported from her bedroom as she held the bottle of pills in her hand. "Pick them up and we can finally get started on Phase 1 of our plan." Lucas smiled, he could still smell Emily's perfume lingering in the air. Possession. How appropriate.

*A continuation of the postcard Patience


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